January 10, 2013


'This girl has changed my LIFE.Yes I may have done some really stupids things in the past,but thats over and done with.All I really care about is making her happy and making myself happy as well.She's the only one who understands me,She understands what Im going through,and understands how i feel.I really dont care what people say about her because I Love Her with all my heart.She's the only one for me and no one can change that.Your as beautiful as a rose and nature its self !! DO NOT EVER LET ANYBODY TELL YOU YOUR NOT BEAUTIFUL,Most Perfect Person I've Ever Meet. If we were to die we would die together.Anyway what im trying to say is that I Love You So Much and your so special to me.Thx for letting me to be your BOYFRIEND ;) '

Ni masa zaman my space dulu. Muahahhaha seseorang yang masih menjadi kawan walau masing masing dah move on. Miss you A :) Miss Kuantan